Ginger Atherton has developed a niche market with a style all her own, which she defines as, “Luxe, luxe, and more luxe!” Her Italian heritage and extensive European travels have inspired the decorative tycoon to create a luxury lifestyle for her clients, something so much more than simple home décor.

As if decorating interior space for the mega­mansions of her A­list clientele wasn’t enough, Atherton has discovered a major market in staging for Realtors. In this process, she transforms blank interiors into lavish warm inviting rooms, luring potential buyers closer to the point of purchase by showing them the amazing potential each space has when “Gingerized”­a term coined by Atherton to describe the end result of her projects.

With huge success in staging, Atherton and Associates has been recruited to design for special events such as the green room for the Academy Awards and banquets for major television and studio productions.

Douglas Elliman

Beverly Hills

Elliman officially launched its Beverly Hills flagship as the headquarters of its Western Region expansion in 2015. Designed by award-winning architect Patrick Tighe, the flagship space takes on a California-inspired, contemporary interior featuring a dramatic Venetian plaster staircase that unites the two-level, smart technology office. The 11,000 sq. ft. space located at the former William Morris Agency’s El Camino address, accommodates more than 100 agents, executive staff and a West Coast team for Douglas Elliman Development Marketing.